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Eurocoils fabricate a full range of coils for all applications and all mediums, coils tend to be classified by medium/function and can be summarised as:

Steam Coils

  • Saturated Steam, most common
  • Flash Steam or Free Steam

Steam coils are generally used as frost or main pre-heaters on plants where steam is already available.

Water Coils

  • Heating-Low, Medium or High pressure hot water
  • Cooling-Generally chilled water, alternative mediums are water/glycol mixture or brine
heat exchangers kent

Refrigerant Coils

  • Air cooled condensers or direct expansion evaporators using all approved types of refrigerant

Reclaim Coils

  • Can be water based run-around systems or heat-pump (reverse cycle) refrigerant types

As well as manufacturing new equipment to order, Eurocoils also undertake the Replacement, Refurbishment and Repair of heat transfer equipment either by manufacturing the equipment at our own facility or by supplying the equipment in 'kit- form' for assembly on site.

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